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Thanks for looking at my stained glass. This is also another version of the carousel slide show from my slide show themes page. There are many different styles for that design. There are flat walls, spiral, 3d globe, tubular, square stacks, etc. I have pictures of them on the slide show page so be sure to check them out before you decide which style you would like.
I have been doing stained glass for over 20 years off and on but with today's vibrant glass that is available, the windows are so much prettier now. Each window is a puzzle made of glass, that has to fit perfectly. It is an extreme challenge to be able to cut your glass they size and shape you need but grinders certainly make that possible. I love being challenged so this art is great for me.
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I highly recommend this software.  Every project was made using Glass Eye 2000.  It is simple to use and a huge time saver if you design your own panels. I love it! They provide excellent support as well as free patterns and tips for creating that special stained glass work of art.

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