Carver - Dan Danielson

Dan, my father, has been carving carousel horses for over 20 years. He has sold over 40 different ones over the years. Here is a collection of some of the horses and other animals he has made and sold. Each animal is made just as the master carvers did dating back to the early 1900's. Basswood is used for carving as it is a softer wood that has few knots. The body is left hollow. Each full size horse takes over 3 months to complete, working 8 hrs a day and 40 hrs a week. My father is a man that can do anything, as he proved here after he retired and took up carving.
My Father passed away but his horses will live on forever. My Dad never once gave up on any project he started. I can honestly say that I got all of my talents and brains from him. I love my father so much and miss him every day.  He will always be a part of me, whatever I am or do, he is the reason. Thanks Dad and I will see you later.
Your loving daughter
In memory of my father


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